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You know that feeling? You booked your flight some weeks ago and simply cannot answer that question, without scrolling around in your emails for 5 minutes.

This does not get any better, if you have 8 flights, some accomodations, a camper and a ship booked and a friend asks you "when are you in Cartagena? We would like to visit you, would those dates be ok and whats the address?".


But we found a solution for the email scrolling terror!!! It's called Tripcase and I am soooo happy to have it, really!  


In a nutshell Tripcase is a smartphone app, that helps you organize your trip. You simply create an account by entering your name and email address (or login via facebook, if you are ok with that), create a new "trip" and forward all the confirmation emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Tripcase puts information like flight schedules, accomodation addresses and contact data from those confirmation emails into an intinerary, which you can view on your phone, feed your calendar with (to have the infos offline!), print out or even send to your friends via email. If you add new items or additional information, your calendar is updated automatically and your friends are informed via email. You can even check for alternative flights, should there be the need for it (cancellation or whatever).

And actually it works quite well. Tripcase was able to read all our flight confirmation mails, even added contact data of each airline. It was also pretty good with AirBnB and hotel bookings, even though the information was sometimes hidden in pdf attachments. The only email it wasn't able to read was the confirmation of the camper. I entered that one manually. Check out, what it did:

Tripcase App - Timeline Overview


TripCase App - Detail screen


TripCase App - All Phone numbers


Calendar with automated entry from TripCase 


So, if you are interested, here is how to set up TripCase.


Just for the record, of course there are more applications like Tripcase. Tripit for example, which seems to be the number one in travel organizing apps. It works pretty similar, I just thought it was not that clearly arranged. Kayak or Worldmate are another option, but those apps have a slightly different focus. Kayak is also a search engine for hotels or flights and focuses more on these tasks. It is a bit simpler with the intinerary though whereas Worldmate is quite complex and meant for frequent or business travellers. You have a lot of features like booking accomodations directly via the app and getting some special deals, push messages with price alerts, finding flights for the next day etc. I haven't tried out those apps, as they seemed not 100% what I was looking for. If you want to get into more detail, you might check here or here.