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Thats the guy.

The guy that made sure that I am able to carry a 20 kg bagpack to the top of the rocky mountains or punch a bear on his nose, should one of it be necessary. Here are some silly lines from our last training session before the trip - training can be slapstick ;-)

Him: We will work hard today! Your sore muscles will remember me for a loooong time!


Him: Swing the kettlebell! Swing, like you never swung it before!!! You won't have one in the next 9 months! ... Or will you take one with you? (that thing weighs 16 kg...)


Me doing push-ups, going down sloooowly until the nose actually touches the floor and almost dying in the attempt.

Him: Don't take your head too high, it should be in line with your spine.

Me: I don't want to fall flat on my face, if strength abandones me!!!


Him: You can do these without any equipment and if you do them daily - lets say 3 times 10, you will see some change in 4 weeks!

Me: groan...


Him: Easy, you said?

Me: NOOO!!

Him: Ok, here, take the heavier one!


Him, doing the exercise with me: Hey, actually thats pretty exhausting!

Me: wtf...


2 learnings out of this:

1.) You need to have at least some sadistic traits to be a good trainer.

2.) If you start laughing during exercises you fall flat on your face.


If you happen to be around Mönchengladbach and want to get fit, want to learn how to punch a bear (Kick-Boxing!) or need some fun and motivation for your training, I really recommend Marco. Here's the contact:

Formaris Personal Training, Mönchengladbach

Marco Paulussen, Personal Trainer