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TripCase is an app to organize your travel data into an itinerary. It really made my life easier and I can answer questions like "when exactly is your flight?" without scrolling around in my emails. 

Here's how you set it up:

1. Sign up

Goto https://www.tripcase.com/login in your browser and sign up as a new user. Enter your name and email address or sign up with your facebook account. If you enter name and email, some verification will be sent to you which you have to confirm then. Signing up with facebook works right away, that's what I did.

2. Check your profile settings

If your account is created, log in to TripCase. Go to your profile (choosable in the drop down under you name). Here you can change your password and enter additional email addresses, that you can send confirmation emails from. Your default email address is the one you entered at account creation or the one thats linked to your facebook account.

3. Create new trip

Go to "Trips" in the menu (beside your name). Click on the button "Create new trip" and enter a name for your trip.

4. Send confirmation emails

Now send a confirmation email, that you got from your travel agency, AirBnb or similar to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Make sure that the email address, you send the email FROM is either the default email address in your tripcase account or that you added it (see 2). 

TripCase will now try to read the confirmation email. If it works, TripCase creates another trip in your trips. If it doesn't work you get an email informing you about that. 

5. Merge trips

Merge the new trip with the one TripCase created from your confirmation email. On one of the trips click on the button "Actions" and in the drop down menu click on "combine trips". In the popup mark the trips you want to combine. In the following popup enter a name - usually you take the name of the trip you created yourself. The item created by tripcase will then be added to your Trip.

6. Download TripCase App

Download the TripCase app from http://travel.tripcase.com/download/ or via your app store. Its free. If you login with your account, you (and also others, that login with the same account, e.g. your boyfriend ;-)) can see the timeline TripCase created.

7. "Feed" your calendar

Update your calendar with the information from TripCase: Login to TripCase in your browser https://www.tripcase.com/login. Go to the drop down menu below your name and select "calendar". Under "Subscription" you see a link, that need to be imported to your calender. I just sent the link as a message to myself and to my boyfriend. Clicking on it opened a popup and imported all stuff to our iPhone calendars.