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Suffering from a jetlag from hell (9 hours time difference) we couldn't sleep anymore at 4 am. So we got up trying not to wake our AirBnB host, who was sleeping next door, grabbed our stuff in the dark, hitting toes and silent screams included, and sneaked out of the appartment.

At the crack of dawn we walked a few minutes to the waterfront and were greeted by a mystic light.

English_Bay2.jpg  English_Bay5.jpg  English_Bay6.jpg  

At this time of the day the english bay belongs to the sea gulls, the geese and the pigeons. A homeless guy said good morning, without asking for money. Another homeless guy rode his bicycle without seat, presumably the whole day long as we met him various times. Some old ladies already walked their dogs - at 4:30 am - and we wondered who was actually suffering from insomnia, grandma or the dog?!

English_Bay4.jpg  English_Bay9.jpg 

At 6 am we grabbed a coffee and some breakfast at a starbucks and sat on a tree trunk at the bay, looking at the passers-by. We could have sat there forever :-D

We saw even more dogs, snobby poodles, pug dogs and unidentifiable fur-balls - every dog not only with the same hair cut as the human at the other end of the leash but also with the same physics. And joggers. Half of Vancouver seems to be running around the bay in the middle of the night. The other half is running in the evening by the way. :-D


The geese got used to us and set off for their walk along the beach, almost walking over our feet...