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Maybe you are like me? 

You love ceviche, and when you did it at home it was good, but somehow different to the ceviche you ate in your vacation?


To finally find out, me and a friend from Lima took a cooking class in Peru with the well-traveled peruvian chef Hector Aguilar Valle.


Very good choice, as Hector not just showed us what to put into it, he also made us try the sauce at every step, hinted on what is missing and showed us some tricks!


So here’s the first of the dishes we cooked:

Authentic Peruvian Ceviche


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Italians have their pizza or minestrone to use leftovers, Germans their Eintopf, Colombians their empanada. I don’t think that there are many rules, what and what not to put into an empanada.


As you can find them in Cartagena at almost every corner and with their friendly color they always remind me a bit of the caribbean sun.


Here’s one recipe, again from the schools chef Yenis. 

We especially liked the salsa, really simple and really good! :-P


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Shame on us, we haven’t found a restaurant in Alaska, where they haven't ruined the lovely fresh salmon by overcooking it resulting in a very dry piece of something.


So we bought some fresh salmon and prepared it according to a friends recipe - in the kitchen of the camper van - means it is really easy ;-)

The result was great. Much better than in any alaskan restaurant so far, sorry. 



So here's that fantastic recipe from our friend Ralf!

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Cartagena de Indias has a lot of influence from the Creole culture, also in its kitchen which is rather Caribbean. Coconut and Banana (the non-sweet version) is part of almost every dish, typical e.g. is brown or white coconut rice as a side dish, fried banana chips (served with sour creme), fried banana purree or banana in a spicy and sweet salsa. I am quite sure I will have a banana overdose after those 3 months in Cartagena :-D


Thought I share with you a bit of this amazing food. 


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This has a sweet, salty and sharp flavour mix that is ADDICTIVE! It's easy to prepare and keeps (refrigerated) for a week plus. Serve at room temp. It's lovely with goat cheese, Brie and more!


This recipe was kindly provided by our AirBnB Host and new friend Vanessa Rocchio in Duncan, Vancouver Island. We had the Tapenade with a variety of salty crackers and sweet salmon candy (smoked bits of salmon with a sweet glaze). Sooooo good and highly addictive, just like she said. The dried cherries are the secret!

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