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For 2 weeks we were volunteering on an organic Farm, that produces fruit, vegetables and wine. Here are some stories we relived. Enjoy! :-D



A tent was build up in the night close to our mobile home. We saw the inhabitants just from far throughout the day, b ut met in the evening, shared a wine and talked. They were two canadian girls from Sasketchuan, the flattest state of Canada, as they told us, where you can see how the weather will be the day after tomorrow or where you see people arriving before they even know, they want to visit...



The girls were picking mushrooms for 9 weeks at a farm in the forest for some money and now found some work here. Both are in their late twenties. Caleigh is traveling through Canada for 8 years now in her old but worthy and astonishing spacious Toyota truck, which transforms into a bed, a kitchen or a living room. Her sister Alissa joins her for some weeks, sleeping in a tent. They have a guitar and both have a great voice. Together they are the Saskatoon Sasketchuan Sisters and Alissa made it a profession having produced 3 CDs already.


As the light fades the two girls grab the guitar and start to sing - from Saskatchewan, about work, about feeling homesick, even about murder - sometimes melancholically, sometimes groovy but always very emotional and sweet.




We wish we knew the songs and could sing along. This is the right music for sundowns and campfires. 

We promise to learn the songs for when we meet again someday.





The second night is like the first, just even more intense, as we know each other better and everyone feels more comfortable. We all sit and have a beer, they play and sing, they even try some heavy metal singing for us :-D and we laugh a lot, we talk even more, we drink and smoke, time passes quickly and somehow we part as friends.



Getting up in the morning is tough though - *groan* - thank god it's Saturday...  Unfortunately they decide to leave in the morning and we are a bit sad. We hug and the girls promise to come to Europe one day. Well, you always meet twice, don’t you? Maybe we can arrange a concert in Cologne once we are back. ;-)


Do (!) check out Alissas soft and dreamlike songs... You can listen to her debut release on her homepage:



Really worth it! :-)

And girls: We'd love to see you again... one day! :-)




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