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You need to be special, to live here. And being a bit crazy definitely helps, I would say.



Meet Dawson City, located deep in Yukon territory at the shores of Klondike and Yukon river, gold rush town around 1900, a bit worn out but still busy. And there are still lots of gold miners living in and around the town.

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Coming to Vancouver Island is just beautiful. The ferry from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay in Victoria takes 1,5 hours and takes you through a wonderful scenery. When the sun is setting a wonderful blue color appears on sky and water and just gives a hint of the beauty of the island. Victoria downtown is just like that. Amazing buildings, sailboats bobbing up and down in the water, flowers everywhere, great seafood restaurants and a street art festival in various locations downtown.

But... Markus and I both felt, that this is just a bit too beautiful, it felt so unreal, a bit artificial, so 'made up' for the tourists - and there are a lot of tourists...

We were rather looking for the Victoria, which you wouldn't find on a postcard, the spots where the locals would go.

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Our Greyhound bus departed at the old Vancouver Bus Station at a quarter past midnight. At noon we said good-bye to our AirBnB Host Andrea, took our bagpacks and set off to the station, hoping there would be a possibility to check in or store the luggage. We found out that Greyhound wouldn’t store the luggage and wouldn’t put it into their office either. But Amtrak did. At least until 7pm. Still 5 more hours to go.

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Suffering from a jetlag from hell (9 hours time difference) we couldn't sleep anymore at 4 am. So we got up trying not to wake our AirBnB host, who was sleeping next door, grabbed our stuff in the dark, hitting toes and silent screams included, and sneaked out of the appartment.

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