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Feel free to download the photos for your private use! 

If you need a higher resolution e.g. for background pictures, please send me an email, I am happy to provide it.

I just ask you to put the copyright somewhere visibly beside the pictures. Thank you :-)


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animal@animalinside.net (Animal) Chile Mon, 18 May 2015 10:16:05 +0000
5 reasons to visit Atacama Desert http://animalinside.net/index.php/animal-abroad/chile/17-5-reasons-to-visit-atacama-desert http://animalinside.net/index.php/animal-abroad/chile/17-5-reasons-to-visit-atacama-desert

I always imagined a desert as a huge plain with lots of red sand and dust, dunes and unimaginable heat. Like the Sahara Desert in North Africa for example. I also thought it would be kind of lonely and you could get lost easily. I was not prepared for what Atacama would be like. It is a class of its own, to say the least. Huge, marvellous, breathtaking (literally because of the height), with many different faces and lots of cute inhabitants - these would already be 5 reasons to visit Atacama...

animal@animalinside.net (Animal) Chile Wed, 20 May 2015 03:10:19 +0000
The Legend of Licancabur and Quimal http://animalinside.net/index.php/animal-abroad/chile/22-the-legend-of-licancabur-and-quimal http://animalinside.net/index.php/animal-abroad/chile/22-the-legend-of-licancabur-and-quimal

Licancabur is a now extinct volcano in the Atacama Desert, on the border between Chile and Bolivia. It is 5916m high and can be seen from almost everywhere around the chilean town San Pedro de Atacama. Close to Lincancabur is a flat extinct volcano of 5704m called Juriques. On the other side of the salt plain Salar de Atacama you can find Cerro de Quimal (4278m), the highest mountain of the Cordillera Domeyko.

Licancabur ("mountain of the people") is the sacred mountain of the Atacameño, the ingenious people of the Atacama Desert. He is their guardian and protagonist of many legends and traditions. "He", because the Atacameño believe, that volcanos - like Licancabur - are male and mountains - like Quimal - are female. One Legend, that has many versions, is that of Licancabur and Quimal.

animal@animalinside.net (Animal) Chile Thu, 21 May 2015 11:43:41 +0000