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What terrifying things we heard about Medellin from our friends and family. A murder city with an incredible high rate of crime. It’s incredibly unsafe, especially at night. You might be shot by some drug dealers or will at least be robbed. You must be crazy to go there.


Well, the city still has a very bad reputation due to the events in the 80’s and 90’s. The famous drug lord Pablo Escobar lived in Medellin. But he is just one of the famous persons involved in the drug war during that time.


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Salento is a small town in the department of Quindío and lies within the triangle of coffee („Eje Cafetero") in Colombia.


In the colonial area the main route from Popayán to Bogotá traveled over the Quindío pass and passed Salento. When the route was diverted, Salento became isolated and did not develop as fast as the rest of the region.


The colonial heritage, the many coffee farms and the relaxed life style made it a main tourist destination.


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Did you ever think about the coffee, that used to save your life after a rough night?


I need coffee in the morning to be able to talk in my mother tongue, but never spent a second thought, how much work and love it

needs, to actually reach my mug.


As Salento is located in the middle of the Colombian Coffee Triangle, we took the chance to find out more about our favorite drink. 


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