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Good, that they told us upfront, that the volcano Totumo, located in the area of Santa Catalina, is small.


Still, we couldn't help laughing looking at it.


It's more like... well... a hill and it looks a bit captivated by the 3 flights of stairs on its back, leading to the top. The inside of the volcano is filled with mud. They tell you that the mud is good for your skin.


Well, why else should anyone bath in in it ;-)



Volcano_20.jpgNow, this is a real tourist place and the local people live from the tip that they get for massages, guarding flipflops or clean dirty tourists in the lake.    Volcano_22.jpg   Volcano_23.jpg   Volcano_24.jpgWe leave all our stuff in the car and climb the stairs in our bathrobe.   Volcano_27.jpg



Looking into the volcano we discover a new species: Mud Creatures!

And they are looking back at us waving! :-D




Volcano_4.jpg  Volcano_4a.jpg



So one after the other we climb down the ladder, that seems to end far far below the surface.

They tell us, its about 2000 meters of pure mud below us. Nice feeling.


But actually its rather hard to sink, its impossible to get deeper than up to your chest and its already a struggle to stay that way.




When we get in, some of the mud creatures start to give us a massage - which is actually kind of relaxing. Who would have thought? ;-)

We will have to tip them afterwards.






Having enough of the mud I then walk to the shore of the lake.

I fight off the lady, that comes after me wanting to clean me, as politely as possible. They are really nice, but they take off your bathrobe faster than you can protest and really wash all parts of you…


Seeing my colleagues being washed afterwards I am very happy - this rather resembles waterboarding :-D




Volcano_9.jpg   Volcano_8.jpg





Volcano_14.jpg Volcano_15.jpgVolcano_16.jpg Volcano_17.jpg  And yes, the 3 of us waiting at the shore are almost laughing our asses off. Don't you also think that the lady on the last picture has kind of a mischievous smile? Thank you guys, that really was priceless!!! ;-))     Volcano_18.jpg






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