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I waited a long time until I tried to formulate my impressions and feelings about Cartagena.


It wasn’t love at first sight. It is a rather complicated relationship.

But aren’t those the ones that are the most interesting?


A friend said, he loves Cartagena this much because of its diversity.

And maybe that’s the key. Cartagena has so many aspects; for some you will fall immediately and some will try you. 


But like a good lover Cartagena knows to hide its problems behind a smile and keeps the magic alive.


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For 4 days we will be playing pirate on a sailing vessel built in 1903.

A recomendation of a colleague and a birthday present for Markus.

We didn't quite know, what to expect having heard a lot of good ("San Blas islands are a dream come true!") and bad things ("The crew was drunk almost all of the time...") about the ships sailing between Panama and Colombia.

Well, we were about to find out! :-P

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After a short drive and several stops to pick up the tennis shoes of those people (including us) who didn’t think of them in the first place, we arrive at a dusty parking slot. There are 2 sheds holding a small shop and 2 rooms full of equipment. 


With 10 people from school we enter the room and they tell us some basics: Take off the security cap and latch only in the field, wear your mask at any time in the field, don’t shoot at someone closer than 5 meters, don’t shoot at someone holding his hands up etc.


Next thing: Do we want to wear long pants and sleeves, as it might not hurt that much, if you are hit? 

After a short look at the evil smiling guys in our group all girls nod vigorously...


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Who is writing here?

Hi, I am Manu. A year ago I decided that I need a break from the daily routine as a software engineer and quit my job. With my boyfriend I will travel the world for the next months. And I will share all the pictures, stories and whatever comes my way in this blog.

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