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We walked by that shop of „Wide Open“ on the main street in Cabo San Lucas, marveling at the real Baja California racing car on the pavement.


What should I say, we decided to make that side of the Baja California subject to a close inspection and got us on that car right next day.  :-D

After signing a contract to sell our soul and assign all we have and will ever possess to that company, should we crash the $100K car, we set off to the desert. The car, a mechanic, a trainer and the sales guy were already waiting for us at the private 5 mile desert race track of Wide Open. 



With 3 people they strapped us into the car, adjusting helmet and dust cover, connecting intercom and air supply, adjusting the 5 straps of the security belt, latching the safety net and pointing out the switch to disable all electronic devices and therefore avoid sparks, which would be necessary should we roll over. This felt like having a service team. :-) And off we went.




After one round driving behind the trainer we were alone on the track, becoming more courageous and faster with every round. Sliding sideways through deep sand (the most fun, if you ask me :-)) racing over crazy bumps (talking only possible in staccato ;-)) and fast curves we chased a few hares and birds on the track. Some lizards escaped the big tires narrowly as well as a dear that was standing in the middle of the track all of a sudden. After every round the guys were standing at the pit stop, waving a flag. Well, one should know, that these guys also do trainings for real race drivers.





We changed drivers after 5 rounds.




10 rounds later, we were soaked (and not only because of the heat), shaky and had a big wide grin plastered on our faces. The guys waved the black-and-white checkered flag and waited for us to stop, an ice-cold, already opened beer for us in their hands.


The adrenalin slowly fading we still think, this was absolutely great. And we still own our souls as we actually managed to not crash the car. :-D