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Cabo San Lucas is located at the southmost point of the Baja California. A dusty, beautiful spot with a lot of sun and desert landscapes.


Fantastic beaches with an almost bathtub-like warm and clear pacific ocean. And a sheer endless supply of beer and tequila.


Lots of Americans are spending their holidays here or even just come for a weekend. Surfers love the big waves at the beaches west of Cabo.

But there is more to Cabo than just its beauty...


Cabo11.jpg Cabo_Geierh.jpg 



The place has a special vibe, that I cannot explain. Its so relaxed, so laid back. We couldn't help but adopt the feeling immediately starting to sleep until noon or even later and skipping every plan. (Our biggest plan for a day really was to buy some water across the street... ;-))


Even the pelicans were relaxed. Found them bouncing on a boat in the harbour. One in the front...




...and 2 at the back :-D



People are very friendly and made us feel welcome. Everyone greets you on the streets and you can chat easily with everyone, especially with the locals, who sometimes seemed bored with their job and happy for a change. And they have a special kind of humour...




You can dance the night away, if you find the right spot (see below), relax with a drink at the beach or enjoy the sunset on a boat.

We cannot put a finger on it, what actually did it, but we loved Cabo!







And of course I cannot resist to give some "Where to go" advice ;-)

Cabo Wabo  - the most popular bar


So Cabo is a party town. At least the area around the marina and downtown, where also the big hotels are located, is paved with bars and restaurants. The most famous bar will probably be Cabo Wabo, which belongs to former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar. 

The place is packed. Always. No matter what day or time of the year.

Rumor has it that you never know, when Sammy himself is in town, bringing over some celebrity friends to play and party in his club. The one fixed date is his birthday in October, that Sammy celebrates each year for a week in his club („birthday bash“).

Well, we’ve been to Cabo Wabo, to see what people talk about. Our resumé: it is a nice bar, almost every day with live music, big and you could have fun here, if you come with the right people. But it is also a place „to be seen“, very touristic and the beer is 3 times the price of other bars. From our point of view there are better choices in Cabo, e.g. the Mezcaltini bar:


Mezcaltini bar - the underdog


We got into that bar by lucky mistake. Got to know a young mexican, who played in a Ska band and told us about playing in Mezcaltini next friday, so we promised to be there. Mezcaltini is located across from Cabo Wabo, a rather small place, not crowded, with very friendly staff and some of the old rock legends are usually shouting from the speakers. The day of the concert we went there early (10pm) and were the only guests until the band arrived. Then suddenly the bar filled with locals. The band started playing and got everybody dancing, jumping, singing and shouting within 3 songs. We danced and drank the night away with new found friends and just couldn’t leave. And believe me, those guys know how to party :-D 

The band played until 4am and at the end everybody was friends with everybody it seemed, band and bar staff included. 

For those who appear to be in the area soon: Its a must-go!!! The Ska band „Los Chales de la Tia“ will be playing every friday at Mezcaltini Bar starting around 11pm. Check it out!



The calmest place at the beach


There are lots of hotels and bars at the beach. Also very nice ones. But there are a lot of people selling necklaces, pottery, beach towels, henna tattoos and whatnot as well, especially if a cruiseship drops off her passengers at the beach. Those people try their best to earn their living, but saying „no, gracias, no quiero nada“ every few minutes can be quite annoying (we actually thought about printing some T-Shirts with that ;-)) 

But at the very end of the beach, there are only 2 little bars and - incredible but true - very few people. 


Btw: This is "Lover's beach", which you can only reach by boat - but it still can be pretty crowded...


El pollo de oro


Restaurant in Calle de Morelos (where we had our private apartment, its in the picture on the left, the yellow entry), specialized on chicken but offering a wide variety of tasty mexican food for a very decent price. We actually loved it, as it was more authentic than most of the restaurants around. You will find your bus driver here, the old couple from next door or a mexican family (grandpa, mum, dad, 3 kids, 2 grandkids). 

No air condition but the 12 fans are running on high speed. :-D