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This is my personal list of horror. No, honestly, you will not imagine the thousand things that you need to arrange, check or simply DO before boarding any plane. We did a bit of brainstorming and the list became longer and longer. Here are 15 things you may not think of at first.


especially prescreption medicine or something that you take on a regular base. Often medicine is not long-living. We got an issue with eye drops, that expire after 3 months and need to be cooled. Depending on the content, you might not even be allowed to import the drug to a foreign country and need to present a certificate of your doctor...

See all your doctors

before your trip. For one, to get the prescreptions for the needed period of time. Second: Your health insurance might not cover the full costs if you are abroad. And third: You might not want to go to, lets say a dentist in the middle of nowhere. You might not even find one, and if you do he might still be Dr. Frankenstein!!!

Health insurance

Yes, you'll need one. A lot of hosts (e.g. language schools or work&travel hosts) request it. On top the local health insurances cover your costs only a few months, when you are abroad, so you can suspend it to save some money. The trick we were thinking about (travel insurance, very cheap but only covers 6 weeks of vacation, and after that pay for a "real" travel health insurance) will unfortunately not work as you must be insured properly in Germany. But still, the travel health insurance will save us some money. Read more: Murphy says: You will get sick without a health insurance


OMG, we got so many shots in the last few weeks, that I lost count. But you get used to the constant dizzy feeling. :-D We did all the vaccinations at the Berlin Center for Travel and Tropical Medicine, that has a Travel Clinic within the local Globetrotter Store - and is open also on Saturdays or in the evenings!


Will you sell it, give it to a friend for the time being or deregister it and leave it in a save place? I talked to my car insurance company and it is possible to set the insurance to a "sleeping" state, so that you will not be charged but the car is still insured against theft and damage. I will need to deregister it though.

Snail mail

We get a lot of letters that don't imply any action. And a lot of advertisement, that just fills the postbox and might look very appealing to the common burglar. Solution? "No advertisement" sign on the postbox and a forwarding request to a friend, who is able to reach us.



Will you rent it or just leave it empty? We decided that we don't have much fun in packing and storing all our stuff and renovate the flat after our return. So we just leave it and find someone who will drop by from time to time. Having decided this we found out, that our city flat is pretty popular among friends who look for a bed after a party night in the city.

Bank account

Change it to an online account and make sure there is enough money on it to cover the running expenses

Credit card, traveller cheques, cash...

and a save place to store all these on your journey

International drivers licence

This is usually valid for only 3 years, we both had to renew it. And biometrical pictures are needed now.


Usually you get along with a tourist visa depending on which country you are from, but it might also get quite nasty and complicated. Visa - mania: Colombia Visa - mania: Canada

Cancel subscriptions/contracts 

Pay tv, magazines, telefone, fitness studio... I didn't know I had so many!!!

Mobile Phone  

If you want to use prepaid cards of the respective countries, your phone needs to be simlock free. We will use our current contract as it was just renewed :-( and restrict communication to emergencies or the availability of wlan

Copy/Scan all documents

Passport, credit cards, account statements, vaccination certificates, drivers licence... and deposit them with a friend and/or save them on a webspace. Might help at the embassy, if you got robbed.

You might also think of giving a blank power of attorney to a friend for emergency cases, so that he can act on your behalf.

Care Package

Do you need a package with different clothes, medicine or other things, that you wouldn't carry from the beginning and that someone should send to you? We wouldn't need different clothes as we try to follow the summer, but the eye drops might become an issue.


But there is also one fun thing: Meeting all your friends before you leave :-)


Who is writing here?

Hi, I am Manu. A year ago I decided that I need a break from the daily routine as a software engineer and quit my job. With my boyfriend I will travel the world for the next months. And I will share all the pictures, stories and whatever comes my way in this blog.

If you like, get in touch! Send me a message or directly comment on the articles!

I am happy to hear from you! :-)