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Coming to Vancouver Island is just beautiful. The ferry from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay in Victoria takes 1,5 hours and takes you through a wonderful scenery. When the sun is setting a wonderful blue color appears on sky and water and just gives a hint of the beauty of the island. Victoria downtown is just like that. Amazing buildings, sailboats bobbing up and down in the water, flowers everywhere, great seafood restaurants and a street art festival in various locations downtown.

But... Markus and I both felt, that this is just a bit too beautiful, it felt so unreal, a bit artificial, so 'made up' for the tourists - and there are a lot of tourists...

We were rather looking for the Victoria, which you wouldn't find on a postcard, the spots where the locals would go.

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This is actually one of the recipes I was asked for. 


I am baking this kind of bread pretty often, it is just great having hot, fresh bread e.g. on lazy sundays and it is not much work. It takes a bit of time, mostly waiting for the dough to grow, but you will not regret it! If possible eat it still hot, maybe with a bit of butter or some seasoned olive oil as a dip. You should finish it at the same day though.


I usually do 3 or 4 baguettes, as it is the same amount of work and you could easily put the bread into the freezer. Just multiply the ingredients respectively. Hope you enjoy!


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Our Greyhound bus departed at the old Vancouver Bus Station at a quarter past midnight. At noon we said good-bye to our AirBnB Host Andrea, took our bagpacks and set off to the station, hoping there would be a possibility to check in or store the luggage. We found out that Greyhound wouldn’t store the luggage and wouldn’t put it into their office either. But Amtrak did. At least until 7pm. Still 5 more hours to go.

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Suffering from a jetlag from hell (9 hours time difference) we couldn't sleep anymore at 4 am. So we got up trying not to wake our AirBnB host, who was sleeping next door, grabbed our stuff in the dark, hitting toes and silent screams included, and sneaked out of the appartment.

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You know that feeling? You booked your flight some weeks ago and simply cannot answer that question, without scrolling around in your emails for 5 minutes.

This does not get any better, if you have 8 flights, some accomodations, a camper and a ship booked and a friend asks you "when are you in Cartagena? We would like to visit you, would those dates be ok and whats the address?".


But we found a solution for the email scrolling terror!!! It's called Tripcase and I am soooo happy to have it, really!  

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Feel free to download the photos for your private use! 

If you need a higher resolution e.g. for background pictures, please send me an email, I am happy to provide it.

I just ask you to put the copyright somewhere visibly beside the pictures. Thank you :-)


Thats the guy.

The guy that made sure that I am able to carry a 20 kg bagpack to the top of the rocky mountains or punch a bear on his nose, should one of it be necessary. Here are some silly lines from our last training session before the trip - training can be slapstick ;-)

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I always imagined a desert as a huge plain with lots of red sand and dust, dunes and unimaginable heat. Like the Sahara Desert in North Africa for example. I also thought it would be kind of lonely and you could get lost easily. I was not prepared for what Atacama would be like. It is a class of its own, to say the least. Huge, marvellous, breathtaking (literally because of the height), with many different faces and lots of cute inhabitants - these would already be 5 reasons to visit Atacama...

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Who is writing here?

Hi, I am Manu. A year ago I decided that I need a break from the daily routine as a software engineer and quit my job. With my boyfriend I will travel the world for the next months. And I will share all the pictures, stories and whatever comes my way in this blog.

If you like, get in touch! Send me a message or directly comment on the articles!

I am happy to hear from you! :-)