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Do you remember the time, when you had tons of fun because you just DID things? Without much thinking? You did not care about the implications, about what could possibly go wrong or what other people thought about it - or YOU for that matter.devil

I at least mostly didn't think at all. These days felt like my mind was hijacked by some kind of beast with a lot of nasty ideas.

Working title: Animal Inside.

No, I really didn't think much. For example when my best friend and I tried to create crop circles by rolling around in a grainfeld - at 5 am and fully drunk. Or when we tried to throw corn cops through the open bedroom windows of our neighbors - it was a hot night... Just for the record: Hitting a window on the 3rd floor is 3 times harder than hitting the one on the 2nd floor. However, it is possible to throw a corn cob through a tilted window, it just takes several tries and makes a lot of noise as you will hit the glass in the mayority of the cases and will die laughing.

Nowadays I usually don't bother my neighbors with flying corn anymore. I also think, that it is helpful to think a bit before doing certain things. Jumping from a building without parachute is not a brilliant idea for some good reasons. But too much thinking and as a result NOT doing anything? 

There are a lot of good reasons I found for NOT doing several things.

  • No time.
  • It ment effort.
  • It cost money.
  • Or I was just being comfy on my couch (which by the way has 3 times the gravity of mother earth...).

The Animal seemed to be snoring in a box in the cellar.

Now turning 40 something woke that bloody thing. I still don't know, if I just had way too much fun on my birthday party or if some lunatic kicked against the box, but the Animal is alive and kicking, demanding attention and creating nasty ideas and lots of energy. I want those times back, where you were thinking less and doing more. I want to do things just because they MIGHT turn out great and special. You will never know, if you stay at home, don't you?

So that's what actually drives me. That's why I quit my job and persuaded my boyfriend to go on a road trip with me, backpacker style.

Usually you do such things at the age of 20 or 30. Being over 40 makes things more complicated, believe me. On the one hand you are much more "bound" - work, flat, relationship, parents getting old, did I mention the COUCH? And on the other hand, most of the exchange programs to simplify your travel life, e.g. International Experience Canada for young work&travellers, are limited to students or people with a maximum age of 30 or 35.

But hey, who said things would be easy. :-D  Let's see where this leads us.

If you are as curious as we are, follow us in this blog. I know there are other Animals out there!

Who is writing here?

Hi, I am Manu. A year ago I decided that I need a break from the daily routine as a software engineer and quit my job. With my boyfriend I will travel the world for the next months. And I will share all the pictures, stories and whatever comes my way in this blog.

If you like, get in touch! Send me a message or directly comment on the articles!

I am happy to hear from you! :-)